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Meet Joanna Challis
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About Joanna
THE SHORT... I love travel. I love books. I generally love all things old (except musty carpet and grumpy old men). THE LONG... I love to take long walks. I love Vivaldi, Dvorak and Mozart, even the occasional jazz. I love watching murder mysteries and bathing in the sun. I love to cook; no I don’t love to clean. I wish I could spend my days writing on the Amalfi Coast – did anyone say I was dreaming?? THE TRUE... I dwell in sunny Queensland, Australia, in an old post-war home with a fire that smokes. Not that we use the fire much here. I’m surrounded by family, old paintings, anything fleur-de-lys (Oh, did I mention red wine?) and books. Someone said a true book lover has a pile of books in every room (yes, even the bathroom) and that a bathroom without a pile of books is like Switzerland without the Alps. THE IMAGINED... Far more interesting but I’ll save it for another day! THE JOURNEY OF THE PEN… Apart from traveling the globe, visiting exotic locations and endless castles, manor houses and ruins, I am a reader. A voracious one. I could never consume enough which is why I began writing, finishing my first 800 page novel at 15. Needless to say, it wasn't up to publishable standard :-). But no one dared stop me. Some ten novels later, I am still patrolling the imagination waters, dodging the currents, and generally trying not to drown. My great quest was and still is to write what I love, regardless of what the market is doing or not doing. After the 800 page French Revolution Saga-Disaster, (I still have those pages!), I wrote a few more books, among them SILVERTHORN (which was a finalist in Romance Writers of Australia's 2004 Romantic Book of the Year Award), THE SECRET OF THE PHOENIX (an adventure of exotic British India and stuffy Victorian England) and THE PENDRAGON LEGACY (set on the beloved Cornish Coast). I've never given up on my vision of establishing a new line of gothics and having them available worldwide. Publication is a long road - that is why I'm thrilled with my new agent, the wonderful Kim Lionetti of BookEnds. She shares my vision. It's important your agent shares your vision. Working together to make a book as good as it can be is so rewarding. Yes, sometimes scary, but the greatest pleasures in life result from struggles. My great quest is to write what I love, regardless of what the market is doing, and I hope you enjoy my stories too.

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  Eye of the Serpent (Hardcover) - (09/07)

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