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No Place for a Lady
by: Deb Stover

Zebra Historical Romance, November 2001

From the Author - NO PLACE FOR A LADY isn't your traditional historical romance. It incorporates the struggles of two families and four--yes, FOUR--romances that are linked in various ways and are resolved. Family is the theme of this story, and the ties that bond aren't always blood.

From the Inside Flap Irish maid Molly Riordan never thought she would thank her lucky stars when her mistress indulged in one night's indiscretion with a masked American at a costume ball. But now Lady Elizabeth Summersby has a child on the way-and a fiancé waiting in the wilds of the American West. For Molly, accompanying Lady Elizabeth on an unexpected adventure also means the chance to find her own father, who fled across the ocean years ago to make his fortune. But then a routine stagecoach stop in Colorado turns into a mishap of epic proportions when Lady Elizabeth is kidnapped-and the man who finds Molly believes she is his bride-to-be!

...UNTIL HE MADE HER FEEL LIKE A WOMAN Dirk Ballinger is accustomed to cleaning up the messes made by his no-good half-brother, and while marrying a woman Ray Lovejoy seduced may be a first, it's still Dirk's duty. There's the family honor to consider, and a child with Ballinger blood to raise. Yet Dirk's bride is far from the wilted English rose he expected. Instead, she's a fiery lass with an Irish lilt who insists she's not Elizabeth Summersby at all! Dirk can't decide if it matters, because soon his lovely wife is the only woman he wants...

About the Author Once Upon a Time, Deb Stover wanted to be Lois Lane, until she discovered that Clark Kent is a fraud and there is no Superman. Since publication of her first novel in 1995, Deb has received the 1999 and 1997 Pikes Peak Romance Writers' Author of the Year Award, the 1999 Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence, a 1998 Heart of Romance Readers' Choice Award, a Colorado Book Award nomination, six Romantic Times nominations, including two for Career Achievement. Stover has received more than a dozen other Readers' Choice Awards, including Romance Novel of the Year from Affaire de Coeur. Most of her novels have earned the Romantic Times "Top Pick" rating, and Publishers Weekly called her "clever, original, and quick-witted.

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No Place for a Lady

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Zebra Historical Romance
Publish Date:
November 2001
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West
Year Book Takes Place:
Dirk Ballinger
Molly Riordan
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