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In His Brother's Place
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by: Katherine Deauxville

Leisure Books, June 1999


The twelfth Duke of Westermere was enjoying a peaceful drive until an Amazonian beauty with disheveled golden-brown curls tossed herself into his coach. That alone would not have flummoxed Sacheverel deVries, but when the strange woman in the threadbare cloak babbled about equal rights and social justice, ripped open her dress, and claimed he had attempted to ravish her, there was only one thing he could do.


Suddenly betrothed, Marigold Fenwick began to regret her impulsive actions. At least she was able to put her education to use and aid the eager young criminologist with his research. But while her mind was occupied with Westermere's intellectual pursuits, her body succumbed to his more sensual experiments. And when Marigold sought to seduce the esteemed duke into an enlightened social consciousness, she hardly knew what she was getting into, for the aftermath would leave her thoroughly . . . Enraptured.

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Leisure Books
Publish Date:
June 1999
Time Period:
Historical: England (various time periods)
Sacheverel de Vries
Marigold Fenwick
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