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Eugenia (reissue)
by: Clare Darcy

Signet, June 1978

Reissue edition - the Original published - by Walker, February 1977

Everyone wanted to tell Eugenia Liddiard what to do . . . her guardian, the worldly Countess of Chandos, was determined that Eugenia wed the first eligible aristocrat before the London season ran its course. Her self-appointed advisor, the former actress and current social lioness Lady Brassborough, did did her best to instruct Eugenia in the seductive skills and devious devices so essential for a young lady's success.

Her elders . . . her relatives . . . her suitors . . . even the representatives of His Majesty's law . . . all were eager to take care of Eugenia. But when her a newly discovered and darkly handsome cousin turned to her as the last hope for recovering his birthright, Eugenia showed a shocked and startled Regency world how well she could take care of herself!
Richard Liddiard and Eugenia Liddiard

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Eugenia (reissue)

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Publish Date:
June 1978
Time Period:
Regency: Detective- Sleuth- Mystery
Richard Liddiard
Eugenia Liddiard
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