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Fire and Sand
by: Sarah Edwards

St. Martin's Press, September 1989

Released under the publisher's multi-author mini-series - "Americans Abroad"

She surrendered her innocence to capture his soul ...
Far from the polite world of mannered society, in the lawless provinces of arid Tunisia...a fateful, long-burning hostility plaits the destinies of two fiery strangers - sealed in the depth of the North African night...

From elegant New England manors to the exotic Barbary coast, Sarah Edwards has crafted a passionate and unforgettable drama filled with swashbuckling adventure, full-blooded characters, and star-crossed love. Lush and absorbing, it is the soul-stirring tale of two fated hearts surrendering to the tortures of lasting love.

Publisher multi-author mini-series - are books, written by different authors, that follow a distinct publisher-created theme.

Americans Abroad multi-author series
1: Sarah Edwards - Crystal Rapture - Oct 1987
2: Laurel Collins - Desert Enchantress - July 1988
3: Emma Harrington - Passion's Tempest - July 1988
4: Peggy Cross - Sapphire Moon - Oct 1988
5: Carolyn Jewel - Passion's Song - Nov 1988
6: Emma Harrington - Ivory Temptress - Dec 1988
7: Elane Osborn - Silken Roses - Feb 1989
8: Susan Phillips - Rapture's Legacy - Feb 1989
9: Nancy Knight - Twice Promised - Apr 1989
10: Sarah Edwards - Fire and Sand - Sept 1989

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Fire and Sand

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St. Martin's Press
Publish Date:
September 1989
Time Period:
Historical: Sheik - various time periods
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