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Fire Song
by: Roberta Gellis

Berkley Jove, April 1984

Book 3 - Royal Dynasty series

Fenice d'Aix
Beautiful, sensuous Fenice proudly bore her father's noble name, but the dark secret of her mother's lowly birth kept her an outcast in French society. Helpless in the face of the enemies who sought to steal her inheritance, she gave herself in a contract of marriage . . . only to be swept into a passion beyond anything she had ever dreamed possible!
Sir Aubery
Champion to the king, heir to a vast English estate, blue-eyed Sir Aubery vowed to quell the rebellion that threatened English rule in Gascony. Yet even as Fenice fought by his side, even as she risked her life to save his, still she feared discovery. For Aubery had sworn his heart to a woman of noble birth. And Fenice was the daughter of a beautiful and gentle serf!

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Series: Royal Dynasty series
Siren Song - Book 1
Siren Song (reissue) - Book 1
Winter Song - Book 2
Winter Song (reissue) - Book 2
Fire Song - Book 3
Silver Mirror, A - Book 4

Fire Song

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Berkley Jove
Publish Date:
April 1984
Time Period:
Historical: Medieval & Middle Ages 481-1453
Year Book Takes Place:
Aubery, Sir
Fenice d'Aix
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