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Marriage at the Cowboy's Demand
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Daggers of Gold by Katherine Deauxville
Daisies in the Wind by Jill Gregory
Daisy by Leigh Greenwood
Dakota Dawn by Dana Ransom
Dakota Desire by Dana Ransom
Dakota Destiny by Dana Ransom
Dakota Dreams by Constance O'Banyon
Dakota Dreams by Madeline Baker
Dakota Dreams (reprint) by Madeline Baker
Dakota Promises by Dana Ransom
Damask Rose by Haywood Smith
Damask Rose, The by Polly Meyrick
Dame Fortune by Meredith Bond
Dame Fortune's Fancy by Phyllis Taylor Pianka
Damnable Rogue, A by Anne Herries
Damsel in Disguise by Susan Gee Heino
Damsel in Distress by Joan Smith
Damsel in Distress by Shannon Drake
Damsel's Defiance, The by Meriel Fuller
Damsel, The by Claire Delacroix
Damsels from Derbyshire, The (Hardcover) by Ellen Fitzgerald
Danbury Scandals, The (UK) by Mary Nichols
Dance for a Lady by Eileen Jackson
Dance for a Lady (UK) by Eileen Jackson
Dance in Heather, A by Julie Beard
Dance of Desire by Catherine Kean
Dance of Seduction by Sabrina Jeffries
Dance on the Wind by Brenda K. Jernigan
Dance With Deception by Tracy Goodwin
Dance With Fire by Joanne Redd
Dance with the Devil, A (Anthology) by Rexanne Becnel
Dancer of Dreams by Patricia Matthews
Dancer's Land, The by Elisabeth Kidd
Dancing at Midnight by Julia (1) Quinn
Dancing Doll, The by Janet Louise Roberts
Dancing Doll, The (reissue) by Janet Louise Roberts
Dancing Hill by Sheila Holland
Dancing On Air by Susan Wiggs
Dancing on Snowflakes by Jane Bonander
Dancing on the Wind by Mary Jo Putney
Dancing With a Rogue by Patricia Potter
Dancing With Clara by Mary Balogh
Dancing with the Devil by Laura Drewry
Dandy's Deception, The by Philippa Castle
Danegeld by Susan Squires
Danelaw by Susan Squires
Danger in Tempting an Earl, The by Sophie Barnes
Danger of Desire, The by Elizabeth Essex
Danger Wears White by Lynne Connolly
Danger's Kiss by Sarah McKerrigan
Danger's Promise by Marliss Moon
Dangerous by Amanda Quick
Dangerous by Anita Mills
Dangerous by Debra Dier
Dangerous by Millie Criswell
Dangerous & Dashing (Anthology) by Sara Blayne
Dangerous Affair, A by Mona Gedney
Dangerous Angel by Deborah Martin
Dangerous Arrangement, A by Mona Gedney
Dangerous As Sin by Alix Rickloff
Dangerous Attractions by Colleen Easton
Dangerous Baron Leigh, The by Emily Hendrickson
Dangerous Beauty, A by Sophia Nash
Dangerous Beauty, A by Sophia Nash
Dangerous Charade by Madeline Harper
Dangerous Charade, A by Anne Barbour
Dangerous Compromise, A by Shannon Donnelly
Dangerous Compromise, A (reissue) by Shannon Donnelly
Dangerous Dalliance by Joan Smith
Dangerous Dalliance, A by Regina Scott
Dangerous Debutante, The by Kasey Michaels
Dangerous Deceits by Barbara Hazard
Dangerous Deceptions by Lynn Kerstan
Dangerous Desire by Ashley Snow
Dangerous Diversions
Toast of the Town
by Margaret Evans Porter
Dangerous Dr. Langhorne, The by Ellen Fitzgerald
Dangerous Duke, The by Arabella Sheraton
Dangerous Duke, The by Christine Wells
Dangerous Fancy, A by Tracy Cozzens
Dangerous Game, The by Louise Grant
Dangerous Games by Charlotte Mede
Dangerous Gentleman, The by Julia London
Dangerous Gifts by Haywood Smith
Dangerous in Diamonds by Madeline Hunter
Dangerous Intrigue, A by Janice Bennett
Dangerous Joy by Jo Beverley
Dangerous Joy (reprint) by Jo Beverley
Dangerous Lady by Amanda Scott
Dangerous Lady by Barbara Hazard
Dangerous Longing, A by Veronica Sattler
Dangerous Lord Darrington, The by Sarah Mallory
Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess (US edition) by Christine Merrill
Dangerous Lord, Seductive Miss by Mary Brendan
Dangerous Lord, The by Sabrina Jeffries
Dangerous Love, A by Bertrice Small
Dangerous Love, A by Brenda Joyce
Dangerous Love, A by Sabrina Jeffries
Dangerous Magic by Alix Rickloff
Dangerous Man, A by Candace Camp
Dangerous Man, A by Connie Brockway
Dangerous Man, A by Rosemary Rogers
Dangerous Masquerade by April Kihlstrom
Dangerous Masquerade, A (UK)
White Horses
by Joan Wolf
Dangerous Mr. Ryder, The by Louise Allen
Dangerous Obssession by Natasha Peters
Dangerous Passions by Kat Martin
Dangerous Passions by Lynn Kerstan
Dangerous Passions (reissue) by Kat Martin
Dangerous Seduction by Patricia Frances Rowell
Dangerous Seduction by Zoe Archer
Dangerous to Hold by Elizabeth Thornton
Dangerous to Kiss by Elizabeth Thornton
Dangerous to Know by Leanne Shawler
Dangerous to Know (Anthology) by Mary Jo Putney
Dangerous to Love by Elizabeth Thornton
Dangerous To Love by Melanie George
Dangerous to Love by Rexanne Becnel
Dangerous Viscount, The by Miranda Neville
Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount, The by Julia London
Daniel's Bride by Linda Lael Miller
Daniel's True Desire by Grace Burrowes
Danner Series, The (4 in 1 ebook) by Nancy Bush
Danner's Lady by Nancy Bush
Danzig Passage by Bodie Thoene
Daphne by Marion Chesney
Daphne's Diary by Patricia Oliver
Dara's Desire by Kay McMahon
Darby's Angel by Marcy Stewart
Darcy Christmas, A (anthology) by Amanda Grange
Darcy Cousins, The by Monica Fairview
Darcy's Kiss by Jacqueline Marten
Darcy's Story (Trade) by Janet Aylmer
Dare to Love by Jennifer Wilde
Daring by Jillian Hunter
Daring Alliance, A by Karla Hocker
Daring Courtship, A by Valerie King
Daring Deceit, A by Claudette Williams
Daring Deception by Brenda Hiatt
Daring Deception, A by Cindy Holbrook
Daring Duchess, The by Norma Lee Clark
Daring Duchess, The by Paula Marshall
Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress, The by Victoria Alexander
Daring Gamble by Maria Greene
Daring Liaison, A by Gail Ranstrom
Daring Masquerade by Mary Balogh
Daring Masquerade, A by Olivia Sumner
Daring Miss Danvers by Vivienne Lorret
Daring Miss Lassiter, The by Marcy Stewart
Daring Passion, A by Rosemary Rogers
Daring the Devil by Leslie Lafoy
Daring the Duke by Anne Mallory
Daring the Highlander by Laurin Wittig
Daring Twin, The by Donna Fletcher
Daring Wager, A by Valerie King
Daring, The by Patricia Hagan
Darius by Grace Burrowes
Dark Affair, The by Marie Claremont
Dark and Brooding Gentleman, A by Margaret McPhee
Dark Angel by Cassandra Collins
Dark Angel by Mary Balogh
Dark Angel
Lord Carew's Bride (Anthology)
by Mary Balogh
Dark Angels (reprint) by Karleen Koen
Dark Before the Rising Sun by Laurie McBain
Dark Before the Rising Sun (reprint) by Laurie McBain
Dark Champion by Jo Beverley
Dark Champion (reissue) by Jo Beverley
Dark Champion, A by Kinley MacGregor
Dark Cries of Gray Oaks by Lee Karr
Dark Desires by Eve Silver
Dark Duke, The by Margaret Moore
Dark Earl, The by Virginia Henley
Dark Earl, The (reprint mass market) by Virginia Henley
Dark Emerald by Lisa Jackson
Dark Emerald (reissue) by Lisa Jackson
Dark Enchantment by Karen Harbaugh
Dark Enquiry, The by Deanna Raybourn
Dark Eyes by Colleen Corbet
Dark Fires by Brenda Joyce
Dark Fires by Rosemary Rogers
Dark Fires (reissue) by Brenda Joyce
Dark Fires (reissue) by Rosemary Rogers
Dark Harvest by Karen Harper
Dark Heart by Sarah Brophy
Dark Jewels (Anthology) by Lisa Jackson
Dark Journey Home by Patricia Hagan
Dark Knight, The by Elizabeth Elliott
Dark Knight, The by Tori Phillips
Dark Lady, The by Marie Claremont
Dark Masquerade by Patricia Maxwell
Dark Obsession by Allison Chase
Dark Of The Moon by Evelyn Rogers
Dark of the Moon by Karen Robards
Dark of the Moon
Desire In the Sun
by Karen Robards
Dark Prince by Eve Silver
Dark Queen, The by Susan Carroll
Dark Rider by Iris Johansen
Dark Rider by Kathrynn Dennis
Dark Rose (reissue) by Janet Louise Roberts
Dark Ruby by Lisa Jackson
Dark Ruby (ebook) by Lisa Jackson
Dark Sapphire by Lisa Jackson
Dark Sapphire (ebook) by Lisa Jackson
Dark Sapphire (Hardcover) by Lisa Jackson
Dark Secret of Hunters Hall, The by Lee Karr
Dark Secrets of Villa Montelano, The by Anne Knoll
Dark Stranger by Heather Graham
Dark Stranger by Heather Graham Pozzessere
Dark Surrender by Laurel Collins
Dark Torment by Karen Robards
Dark Viscount, The by Deborah Simmons
Dark Warrior by Donna Fletcher
Dark Whispers by Marylyle Rogers
Dark Whispers by Samantha Garver
Dark, Deadly Love (paperback) by Denise A. Agnew
Darkest Dreams by Jennifer St. Giles
Darkest Heart, The by Brenda Joyce
Darkest Heart, The by Thea Devine
Darkest Knight by Gayle Callen
Darkest Sin, The by Caroline Richards
Darkness and the Dawn, The by Susan Feldhake
Darkness at Fair Winds by Charlotte Douglas
Darkness Into Night by Natasha Peters
Darling by Ellen Archer
Darling Annie by Raine Cantrell
Darling Cat by Joyce Adams
Darling Jack by Mary McBride
Darling Jasmine by Bertrice Small
Darling Jasmine (reissue) by Bertrice Small
Darling Mama (Anthology) by Joyce Carlow
Darling Strumpet, The by Gillian Bagwell
Darling, The by Elizabeth Keys
Dash of Scandal, A by Amelia Grey
Dash of Scandal, A (reissue) by Amelia Grey
Dashing and Dangerous (Anthology) by Mary Balogh
Dashing Miss Fairchild, The by Emily Hendrickson
Dashing Miss Fairchild, The (reissue) by Emily Hendrickson
Dastardly Duke, The by Eileen Putman
Date with Dishonor, A by Mary Brendan
Daughter of an Earl, The by Victoria Morgan
Daughter Of Deceit by Victoria Holt
Daughter of Destiny by Stephanie Blake
Daughter of Destiny by Tracy Fobes
Daughter of Destiny (reprint) by Tracy Fobes
Daughter of Egpyt by Constance O'Banyon
Daughter of Fortune by Carla Kelly
Daughter of Fortune by Dawn Lindsey
Daughter of Highland Hall, The by Carrie Turansky
Daughter of Isis by Belinda Grey
Daughter Of Satan by Jean Plaidy
Daughter of Sherwood by Laura Strickland
Daughter of the Dreadfuls by Barbara Sherrod
Daughter of the Fox (ebook) by J.A. Ferguson
Daughter Of The Game by Tracy Grant
Daughter of the God-King by Anne Cleeland
Daughter of the Red Deer by Joan Wolf
Daughter of Zion, A by Bodie Thoene
Daughter's Destiny, A by Jo Ann Ferguson
Daughters Four by Dixie McKeone
Daughters of Cameron, The by Aleen Malcolm
Daughters Of England by Philippa Carr
Daughters of Luke McCall, The by Linda Sandifer
Daughters Of Spain by Jean Plaidy
Daughters of the Grail by Elizabeth Chadwick
Daughters of the Storm by Elizabeth Buchan
David by Ana Leigh
Dawn by Tania Langley
Dawn Encounter by Jennifer Blake
Dawn In My Heart by Ruth Axtell Morren
Dawn of Valor by Lindsay McKenna
Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati
Dawn's Desire by Carol Finch
Dawn's Early Light by Karen Harper
Dawnfire by Lynn Erickson
Dawnflight by Kim Headlee
Day at the Races, A by Frances Paige
Day Dreamer by Jill Marie Landis
Day-Dreaming Lady, The (Hardcover) by Jacqueline Diamond
Daylight Comes by Judith Miller
Days of Gold (Hardcover) by Jude Deveraux
Days of Rakes and Roses (ebook novella) by Anna Campbell
Dazzle by Judith Gould
Dazzled by Catherine Hart
de Burgh Bride, The by Deborah Simmons
Dead As Dead Can Be by Ann Crowleigh
Dead Man's Kiss (ebook) by Jennifer Bray-Weber
Deadlier Than the Rest (ebook) by Shirleen Davies
Deadliest Sin, The by Caroline Richards
Deadly Affairs by Brenda Joyce
Deadly Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt
Deadly Caress by Brenda Joyce
Deadly Desire by Brenda Joyce
Deadly Illusions by Brenda Joyce
Deadly Kisses by Brenda Joyce
Deadly Love by Brenda Joyce
Deadly Pleasure by Brenda Joyce
Deadly Promise by Brenda Joyce
Deal With the Devil, A by Liz Carlyle
Dear Deceiver by Mary Nichols
Dear Imposter by Nicole Byrd
Dear Lady by Robin Lee Hatcher
Dear Lady Disdain by Paula Marshall
Dear Lover England by Pamela Bennetts
Dear Mr. Darcy by Amanda Grange
Dear Penelope by Sharon Ihle
Dear Rebel (UK) by Mary Nichols
Dear Stranger by Stella Cameron
Dearest Beloved by Christine Holden
Dearest Enemy by Nan Ryan
Dearest Enemy by Stephanie Bartlett
Dearest Max by Barbara Miller
Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt
Dearly Beloved by Mary Jo Putney
Death Comes For Desdemona by Nina Pykare
Death on Telgraph Hill (Hardcover) by Shirley Tallman
Death on the Ladies Mile by Diana Haviland
Debonair Duke, The by Emily Hendrickson
Deborah Goes to Dover by Marion Chesney
Debt of Honor, A by Mollie Ashton
Debt of Honour by Gail Mallin
Debt to Delia, A by Barbara Metzger
Debutante's Guide to Rebellion, A (ebook novella) by Kathleen Kimmel
Decadent Duke, The by Virginia Henley
Deceitful Heart, A by Karla Hocker
Deceive Not My Heart by Shirlee Busbee
Deceived by Bertrice Small
Deceived by Carla Simpson
Deceived by Mary Balogh
Deceived by Nicola Cornick
Deceived (reprint) by Bertrice Small
Deceived (UK) by Nicola Cornick
Deceiving Miss Dearborn by Laurie Bishop
Deception by Amanda Quick
Deception by Kris Kennedy
Deception by Terri Lynn Wilhelm
Deception (First edition) by Amanda Quick
Deception of The Emerald Ring, The by Lauren Willig
Deception of the Emerald Ring, The by Lauren Willig
Deception So Agreeable by Mary Butler
Deception's Bride by Jaclyn Reding
Deception, The by Catherine Coulter
Deception, The by Joan Wolf
Deception, The by Marion Chesney
Deceptions and Dreams by Debra Dier
Deceptions of the Heart by Patricia Pellicane
Deceptive Bequest, A by Olivia Sumner
Deceptive Desires by Wanda Owen
Decision and Destiny by DeVa Gantt
Deck The Halls by Joyce Adams
Deck the Halls by Marian Devon
Deck the Halls With Love (novella) by Lorraine Heath
Dedicated Scoundrel, A by Anne Barbour
Dedicated Villain, The by Patricia Veryan
Dedication by Janet Mullany
Deed, The by Lynsay Sands
Deed, The (mass market) by Lynsay Sands
Deep as the Rivers by Shirl Henke
Deep Purple by Parris Afton Bonds
Deeper Magic, A by Jillian Hunter
Deeper Than Desire by Cheryl Holt
Deeper Than Desire (reissue) by Cheryl Holt
Deeper Than Roses by Charlene Cross
Deepest Sin, The by Caroline Richards
Defenders Of The Faith by Jean Plaidy
Defiant by Bobbi Smith
Defiant by Jessica Trapp
Defiant by Kris Kennedy
Defiant by Millie Criswell
Defiant by Pamela Clare
Defiant Bride by Scotney St. James
Defiant Captive by Christina Skye
Defiant Captive by Joyce Carlow
Defiant Debutante, The by Helen Dickson
Defiant Debutante, The (UK) by Helen Dickson
Defiant Ecstasy by Janelle Taylor
Defiant Embrace by Barbara Dawson Smith
Defiant Governess, The by Andrea Pickens
Defiant Heart, The by Anita Gordon
Defiant Heart, The by Blanche Chenier
Defiant Hearts by Janelle Taylor
Defiant Impostor by Miriam Minger
Defiant in the Viking's Bed by Joanna Fulford
Defiant Love by Maura Seger
Defiant Miss Foster, The
A Highly Respectable Widow
by Melinda McRae
Defiant Mistress by Anne Devon
Defiant Mistress, The by Claire Thornton
Defiant One, The by Danelle Harmon
Defiant One, The (ebook reissue) by Danelle Harmon
Defiant Spitfire by Kay McMahon
Defiant Surrender by Barbara Dawson Smith
Defiant, The by Mary Canon
Defy Not The Heart by Johanna Lindsey
Defy Not the Heart (ebook) by Johanna Lindsey
Defy the Eagle by Lynn Bartlett
Defy the Storm by Diana Haviland
Defy the Thunder by Virginia Brown
Defy theThunder by Kay McMahon
Deirdre and Desire by Marion Chesney
Deirdre and Don Juan by Jo Beverley
Delaney's Crossing by Jean Barrett
Delectable Dilemma, A by Cathleen Clare
Delectably Undone! by Elizabeth Rolls
Delicate Deception, A by Jenna Jones
Delicate Dilemma by Luanne Walden
Delicious by Sherry Thomas
Deliciously Wicked by Robyn DeHart
Delight by Jillian Hunter
Delightful Deception by Nancy Lawrence
Delightful Folly, A by Glenda Garland
Delphine by Cherie Claire
Demon Count's Daughter, The by Anne Stuart
Demon Count, The by Anne Stuart
Demon Lover, The by Victoria Holt
Demon Rake, The by Gayle Buck
Demon's Woman by Anne Herries
Demonwood by Anne Stuart
Denim and Lace by Patricia Rice
Denmead Inheritance, The (UK) by Janet Edmonds
Denver by Sara Orwig
Denville Diamond, The by Winifred Witton
Desert Bloom by Ronda Thompson
Desert Bride by Joanne Redd
Desert Captive by Penelope Neri
Desert Dreams by Virginia Brown
Desert Ecstacy by Connie Mason
Desert Eden by Patricia Grasso
Desert Enchantress by Laurel Collins
Desert Fire by Evelyn Rogers
Desert Heart by Bobbi Smith
Desert Heat by Evelyn Rogers
Desert Prince by Constance O'Banyon
Desert Rose by Linda Francis Lee
Desert Rose, English Moon by Claudette Williams
Desert Song by Constance O'Banyon
Desert Storm by Nan Ryan
Desert Sunrise by Raine Cantrell
Deserted Bride, The by Paula Marshall
Desirable Duchess, The by Marion Chesney
Desirable Husband, A by Mary Nichols
Desire by Amanda Quick
Desire by Nicole Jordan
Desire by Phoebe Conn
Desire (First edition) by Amanda Quick
Desire and Deceive by Cordia Byers
Desire and Deception by Nicole Jordan
Desire and Destiny by Linda Lael Miller
Desire and Surrender by Katherine Sutcliffe
Desire Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee
Desire Becomes Her (reprint) by Shirlee Busbee
Desire in Disguise by Rebecca Brandewyne
Desire in His Eyes by Kaitlin O'Riley
Desire in the Sun by Karen Robards
Desire in the Sun (mass market) by Karen Robards
Desire in the Sun (reissue) by Karen Robards
Desire Me by Robyn DeHart
Desire Me Only by Thea Devine
Desire My Love by Miranda Jarrett
Desire Never Dies by Jenna Petersen
Desire of the Heart by Katherine Vickery
Desire's Blossom by Cassie Edwards
Desire's Command by Marlene Suson
Desire's Deception by Kathryn Kramer
Desire's Dream by Peggy Hanchar
Desire's Glory by Patricia Pellicane
Desire's Moon by Elane Osborn
Desire's Promise by Karen A. Bale
Desire's Rebel by Patricia Pellicane
Desire's Treasure by Linda Sandifer
Desire, The by Patricia Hagan
Desired by Nicola Cornick
Desired by Thea Devine
Desired by Virginia Henley
Desiree by Roberta Gellis
Desiree (reprint) by Roberta Gellis
Desires of a Perfect Lady by Victoria Alexander
Desiring Lady Caro by Ella Quinn
Desiring the Highlander by Michele Sinclair
Desparate Hearts by Rosanne Bittner
Desperado by Rebecca Brandewyne
Desperado Dream by Karen A. Bale
Desperado Passion by Patricia Pellicane
Desperado, The by Patricia Rosemoor
Desperate by Millie Criswell
Desperate by Sylvia McDaniel
Desperate Deception by Maria Greene
Desperate Duchesses by Eloisa James
Desperate Gamble, A by Janice Bennett
Desperate Game, A by Barbara Pierce
Desperate Hearts by Alexis Harrington
Desperate Measures (UK-Anthology) by Anne Ashley
Desperate Viscount, The by Gayle Buck
Desperately Seeking a Duke by Celeste Bradley
Desperately Seeking Suzanna by Elizabeth Michels
Destined for a King (ebook) by Ashlyn Macnamara
Destined to be Mine by Colleen Faulkner
Destined to Last by Alissa Johnson
Destiny by Helen Kirkman
Destiny Lies Waiting by Diana Rubino
Destiny Mine by Janelle Taylor
Destiny's Captive by Kate Lyon
Destiny's Dawn by Rosanne Bittner
Destiny's Disguise by Candice Kohl
Destiny's Dream by Joan Smith
Destiny's Interlude by Jan Lesoing
Destiny's Pawn by Mary Daheim
Destiny's Temptress by Janelle Taylor
Destiny's Warrior by Kit Dee
Destiny, The by Kathleen Givens
Destitute on His Doorstep by Helen Dickson
Determined Lady, A by Irene Loyd Black
Devall's Angel by Allison Lane
Devil and Drusilla, The by Paula Marshall
Devil and Miss Webster, The by Julia Parks
Devil Claims a Wife, The by Helen Dickson
Devil Earl, The by Deborah Simmons
Devil in a Kilt by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Devil in Diguise by Kimberly Nee
Devil in Disguise, The by Stefanie Sloane
Devil in My Arms, The (ebook) by Samantha Kane
Devil In My Bed by Celeste Bradley
Devil in My Heart, The by Stephanie Blake
Devil in Spurs by Norah Hess
Devil In The Dark by Evelyn Rogers
Devil in Winter, The by Lisa Kleypas
Devil May Care by Melanie George
Devil May Dare (UK) by Mary Nichols
Devil of Clan Sinclair by Karen Ranney
Devil of Kilmartin, The by Laurin Wittig
Devil of the Highlands by Lynsay Sands
Devil On Horseback, The by Victoria Holt
Devil She Knows, The by Diane Whiteside
Devil Takes A Bride by Gaelen Foley
Devil Takes a Bride, The by Julia London
Devil to Pay, The by Liz Carlyle
Devil Water by Anya Seton
Devil Wears Kilts, The by Suzanne Enoch
Devil Wears Plaid, The by Teresa Medeiros
Devil Wears Tartan, The by Karen Ranney
Devil Who Tamed Her, The by Johanna Lindsey
Devil Who Tamed Her, The (Hardcover) by Johanna Lindsey
Devil Wind by Catherine Blair
Devil You Know, The by Liz Carlyle
Devil's Angel by Marlene Suson
Devil's Angel, The by Ann Edgeworth
Devil's Bargain by Jade Lee
Devil's Bargain by Marlene Suson
Devil's Bargain, The by Edith Layton
Devil's Bargain, The by Karen Harbaugh
Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens
Devil's Bride (Large Print) by Stephanie Laurens
Devil's Bride (reprint) by Stephanie Laurens
Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer
Devil's Cub (new edition) by Georgette Heyer
Devil's Dance, The (Hardcover) by Joanna Erle
Devil's Dare, The by Jean Reece
Devil's Darling, The by Casey Claybourne
Devil's Daughter by Catherine Coulter
Devil's Daughter (reissue) by Catherine Coulter
Devil's Daughter, The by Laura Drewry
Devil's Daughter, The by Marguerite Bell
Devil's Delilah, The by Loretta Chase
Devil's Desire by Laurie McBain
Devil's Desire (reissue) by Laurie McBain
Devil's Diamond by Constance Laux
Devil's Due, The by Melanie George
Devil's Embrace by Catherine Coulter
Devil's Embrace, The (reissue) by Catherine Coulter
Devil's Envoy, The by Jasmine Craig
Devil's Heart by Cathy Maxwell
Devil's Heiress, The by Jo Beverley
Devil's Heiress, The (reissue) by Jo Beverley
Devil's Highlander by Veronica Wolff
Devil's Honor by Debra Dier
Devil's Kin (UK edition) by Anne Herries
Devil's Knight by Geri Borcz
Devil's Lady by Dawn Lindsey
Devil's Lady by Patricia Rice
Devil's Lady, The by Deborah Simmons
Devil's Love, The by Julia London
Devil's Mark, The by Joanna Makepeace
Devil's Mark, The (UK) by Joanna Makepeace
Devil's Match, The by Anita Mills
Devil's Mercenary, The (UK edition) by Anne Herries
Devil's Mistress by Heather Graham
Devil's Moon by Amanda Scott
Devil's Necklace, The by Kat Martin
Devil's Own by Veronica Wolff
Devil's Pearl, The (ebook) by Jennifer Haymore
Devil's Prize by Kat Martin
Devil's Prize (reissue) by Kat Martin
Devil's Queen, The by Jeanne Kalogridis
Devil's Temptation, The by Kimberly Logan
Devil's Temptress, The (trade) by Laura Navarre
Devil's Thief, The (ebook) by Samantha Kane
Devil's Waltz, The by Anne Stuart
Devil's Waltz, The (UK) by Anne Stuart
Devil's Web, The by Mary Balogh
Devilish by Jo Beverley
Devilish (reissue) by Jo Beverley
Devilish Dilemma, A by Judith A. Lansdowne
Devilish Husband, A by Alana Clayton
Devilish Marquis, The by Karla Hocker
Devilish Montague, The by Patricia Rice
Devilish Mr. Danvers, The by Vivienne Lorret
Devilish Pleasures of a Duke, The by Jillian Hunter
Devious Duchess, The by Joan Smith
Devlin's Promise by Robin Lee Hatcher
Devlyn Tremayne by Aleen Malcolm
Devon by Cordia Byers
Devoted by Alice Borchardt
Devotion by Katherine Sutcliffe
Diablo by Georgina Gentry
Diabolical Baron, The by Mary Jo Putney
Diabolical Baron, The (reissue) by Mary Jo Putney
Diamond Dreams by Sandra Heath
Diamond Duo by Marcia Gruver
Diamond in the Rough by Patricia Waddell
Diamond in the Rough, A by Andrea Pickens
Diamond Key, The by Barbara Metzger
Diamond King, The by Patricia Potter
Diamond Rain by Constance Laux
Diamond Slipper, The by Jane Feather
Diamond Waterfall, The by Sheila Walsh
Diamond, Deception and the Debutante by Helen Dickson
Diamond, The by Julie Baumgold
Diamonds and Desire by Constance Laux
Diamonds and Dreams by Rebecca Paisley
Diamonds in the Night by Catherine Linden
Diamonds in the Rough by Portia Da Costa
Diamonds of Welbourne Manor, The (Anthology) by Diane Gaston
Diana by the Moon (ebook) by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Diana the Huntress by Marion Chesney
Diary of a Loving Heart by June Masters Bacher
Diary of an Accidental Wallflower by Jennifer McQuiston
Dicing with the Dangerous Lord by Margaret McPhee
Difficult Daughter, The by Irene Saunders
Difficult Disguise, A by Michelle Kasey
Difficult Truce, A by Joan Wolf
Digging Up Trouble by Jo Ann Ferguson
Dilemma in Duet by Margaret SeBastian
Dime Novel Hero, A by Maureen McKade
Dinah by Mary Ann Gibbs
Dinah Dean Collection, The (UK- Anthology) by Dinah Dean
Diplomat's Wife, The by Pam Jenoff
Dirty Frog, The by Gwyneth Moore
Discarded Duke, The by Nancy Butler
Disdainful Marquis, The by Edith Layton
Disdainful Marquis, The
The Abandoned Bride
by Edith Layton
Disgrace and Desire (UK) by Sarah Mallory
Disgraced Marchioness, The by Anne O'Brien
Disgraced Marchioness, The (UK) by Anne O'Brien
Disgraceful Mr. Ravenhurst, The by Louise Allen
Dishonor and Desire by Juliet Landon
Dishonorable Proposal, A by Katherine Kingsley
Disobedient Daughter, The by Barbara Hazard
Dissolute Duke, The by Sophia James
Distaff Side, The by Frances Paige
Distant Relations by Denice Greenlea
Distant Thunder by Lisa Bingham
Distracting the Duchess by Emily Bryan
Divided Heart by Susan Bowden
Do Not Forsake Me by Rosanne Bittner
Doctor's Homecoming, The by Kate Bridges
Doctor's Wife, The by Cheryl St. John
Dollar Prince's Wife, The by Paula Marshall
Don't Bargain With The Devil by Sabrina Jeffries
Don't Look Back by Amanda Quick
Don't Look Back (Hardcover) by Amanda Quick
Don't Tempt Me by Kimberly Nee
Don't Tempt Me by Loretta Chase
Don't Wager on Love by Monette Cummings
Donovan's Bed by Debra Mullins
Dorinda and the Doctor (ebook novella) by Sabrina Jeffries
Double Dealers, The by Helen Tucker
Double Deceit by Allison Lane
Double Deceit by Emily Hendrickson
Double Deception by Maria Greene
Double Deception by Patricia Oliver
Double Deception, A by Joan Wolf
Double Fantasy by Cheryl Holt
Double Wager, The by Mary Balogh
Doubleday Romance Library (Anthology) by Barbara Hazard
Doubletree, The by Victoria Pade
Doubting Lady, A by Dorothea Donley
Dove at Midnight, A by Rexanne Becnel
Dove's Way by Linda Francis Lee
Dove, The (Hardcover) by Carolyn Brown
Dowager's Dilemma, The by Irene Saunders
Down in the Valley by Jane Shoup
Dowry Of Miss Lydia Clark, The by Lawana Blackwell
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman by Teresa Warfield
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Growing Pains by Teresa Warfield
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Bounty by Teresa Warfield
Dracula, My Love by Syrie James
Dragon and the Jewel, The by Virginia Henley
Dragon and the Jewel, The (reissue) by Virginia Henley
Dragon and the Pearl, The by Jeannie Lin
Dragon and the Rose, The by Roberta Gellis
Dragon Fire by Linda Ladd
Dragon Lord, The by Connie Mason
Dragon Prince, The by Mary Gillgannon
Dragon's Bride, The by Jo Beverley
Dragon's Bride, The (reissue) by Jo Beverley
Dragon's Bride, The (reissue) by Jo Beverley
Dragon's Court by Joanna Makepeace
Dragon's Court (UK) by Joanna Makepeace
Dragon's Daughter by Catherine Archer
Dragon's Dower by Catherine Archer
Dragon's Dream by Mary Gillgannon
Dragon's Fire, The by Marylyle Rogers
Dragon's Isle (UK) by Inga Dunbar
Dragon's Knight by Catherine Archer
Draw Down the Darkness by Naomi Bellis
Drawn to Ravenscar by Anne Herries
Dreadful Debutante, The by Marion Chesney
Dreadful Duke, The by Barbara Hazard
Dream Castle by Andrea Kane
Dream Catcher by Kathleen Harrington
Dream Catcher by Thomasina Ring
Dream Catchers (Anthology) by Kathleen Eagle
Dream Defiant, A (ebook) by Susanna Fraser
Dream Fever by Katherine Sutcliffe
Dream Hunter, The by Laura Kinsale
Dream Island by Josie Litton
Dream Keeper by Parris Afton Bonds
Dream Knight by Alexis Kaye Lynn
Dream Lover by Virginia Henley
Dream of Desire, A by Nina Rowan
Dream Of Me by Josie Litton
Dream River by Dorothy Garlock
Dream Thief, The by Helen A. Rosburg
Dream Tide by Robin Lee Hatcher
Dream Time by Parris Afton Bonds
Dream Warrior by Bobbi Smith
Dream Warrior (reissue) by Bobbi Smith
Dream Weaver by Laurel Collins
Dreamcatcher by Dinah McCall
Dreamer, The by May McGoldrick
Dreaming by Jill Barnett
Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
Dreaming Tree, The by Patricia Matthews
Dreams Beyond Tomorrow by June Masters Bacher
Dreams of An Eagle by Lori Handeland
Dreams of Desire by Cheryl Holt
Dreams of Destiny by May McGoldrick
Dreamsong by Linda Ladd
Dreamspinner by Barbara Dawson Smith
DreamStone by Glenna McReynolds
Dreamstone, The by Liane Jones
Drew by Leigh Greenwood
Drifter's Moon by Lisa Hendrix
Drifter, The by Lisa Plumley
Drifter, The by Susan Wiggs
Drifter, The (reissue) by Susan Wiggs
Drifter, The (UK) by Lisa Plumley
Driven With the Wind by Gilbert Morris
Drop Of The Dice, The by Philippa Carr
Druids by Morgan Llywelyn
Drums of Change by Janette Oke
Drums of Darkness by Elizabeth Lane
Drury Lane Darling by Joan Smith
Drusilla's Downfall by Emily Hendrickson
Dry Moon by Karyna Da Rosa
Dryden's Bride by Margo Maguire
Dubious Miss Dalrymple, The by Kasey Michaels
Duchess and the Devil, The by Deborah Matthews
Duchess and the Devil, The by Sydney Ann Clary
Duchess and the Dragon, The by Jamie Carie
Duchess By Night by Eloisa James
Duchess Diaries, The by Barbara Dawson Smith
Duchess Diaries, The by Jillian Hunter
Duchess Diaries, The by Mia Ryan
Duchess for a Day by Nan Ryan
Duchess for a Day by Peggy Waide
Duchess Hunt, The by Elizabeth Beacon
Duchess Hunt, The by Jennifer Haymore
Duchess in Disguise by Caroline Courtney
Duchess In Love by Eloisa James
Duchess Lover, The by Julie Beard
Duchess of Carbon County by Kat Martin
Duchess of Fifth Avenue by Ruth Ryan Langan
Duchess of Sin by Laurel McKee
Duchess of Vidal, The by Dawn Lindsey
Duchess to Remember, A by Christina Brooke
Duchess's Next Husband, The by Terri Brisbin
Duchess, The by Bertrice Small
Duchess, The by Jude Deveraux
Duel of Hearts by Anita Mills
Duel of Hearts by Diane Farr
Duel of Hearts by Elizabeth Mansfield
Duel of Hearts by Helen Archery
Duel of Love by Helen May
Duel of the Heart by Sara Blayne
Duel, The by Barbara Metzger
Dueling Hearts by Kat Martin
Dueling With the Duke (ebook) by Robyn DeHart
Duke and I, The by Julia (1) Quinn
Duke and Miss Christmas, The (ebook) by Amelia Grey
Duke and Miss Denny, The by Joy Reed
Duke and Mrs. Douglas, The by Donna Lea Simpson
Duke and the Lady in Red, The by Lorraine Heath
Duke but No Gentleman, A by Alexandra Hawkins
Duke Can Go to the Devil, The by Erin Knightley
Duke Deceived, A by Cheryl Bolen
Duke Diaries, The by Sophia Nash
Duke Dilemma, The by Shirley Marks
Duke in Disguise, The by Gayle Callen
Duke in My Bed, The by Amelia Grey
Duke is Mine, The by Eloisa James
Duke Never Yields, A by Juliana Gray
Duke Next Door, The by Celeste Bradley
Duke of Dark Desires, The by Miranda Neville
Duke of Her Own, A by Eloisa James
Duke of Her Own, A by Lorraine Heath
Duke of Midnight by Elizabeth Hoyt
Duke of Scandal by Adele Ashworth
Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran
Duke of Sin by Adele Ashworth
Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt
Duke to Die For, A by Amelia Grey
Duke Who Came To Visit, The by Carol Quinto
Duke's Captive, The by Adele Ashworth
Duke's Cinderella Bride, The by Carole Mortimer
Duke's Daughter, The by Melinda McRae
Duke's Deceit, The by Leslie Lynn
Duke's Design, The by Margaret Westhaven
Duke's Desire, The by June Calvin
Duke's Desire, The by Margaret Moore
Duke's Diamonds by Marion Chesney
Duke's Disaster, The by Grace Burrowes
Duke's Double, The by Anita Mills
Duke's Double, The by Winifred Witton
Duke's Downfall, The by Jane Lynson
Duke's Easter Lady, The by Irene Loyd Black
Duke's Gamble, The by Miranda Jarrett
Duke's Governess Bride, The by Miranda Jarrett
Duke's Guide to Correct Behavior, The by Megan Frampton
Duke's Indiscretion, The by Adele Ashworth
Duke's Lady, The by Brenda K. Jernigan
Duke's Messenger, The by Vanessa Gray
Duke's Mistress, The by Ann Elizabeth Cree
Duke's Night of Sin, The by Kathryn Caskie
Duke's Night of Sin, The by Kathryn Caskie
Duke's Obsession, The (ebook) by Frances Fowlkes
Duke's Perfect Wife, The by Jennifer Ashley
Duke's Quandary, The (ebook) by Callie Hutton
Duke's Return, The by Malia Martin
Duke's Revenge by Marlene Suson
Duke's Scandalous Secret, The by Connie Lane
Duke's Temptation, A by Jillian Hunter
Duke's Wager, The by Edith Layton
Duke's Wicked Kiss, A by Kathleen Bittner Roth
Duke, The by Catherine Coulter
Duke, The by Gaelen Foley
Dukes Prefer Blondes by Loretta Chase
Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right by Kieran Kramer
Dulcie Crowder Gets Her Man by Sarah Richmond
Dulcimer by Elizabeth Leigh
Dumont Bride, The by Terri Brisbin
Dunkirk Crescendo by Bodie Thoene
Dunraven's Folly by Dawn Lindsey
Duplicitous Debutante, The (ebook) by Becky Lower
Dusk with a Dangerous Duke by Alexandra Hawkins
Dust Devil by Parris Afton Bonds
Dutiful Daughter, The by Vanessa Gray
Dutiful Duke, The by Joan Overfield
Dutiful Rake, The by Elizabeth Rolls
Dutiful Rake, The (UK) by Elizabeth Rolls
Duty's Destiny by Wendy Soliman
Dwelling Place, The by Catherine Cookson
Dylan by Norah Hess
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